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Born Ruffians – Nova Leigh

Directed by Jared Raab
Cinematography by Chuck N. Taylor
Produced by Peter Dreimanis and Josh Warburton @
Edited by Joe Krumins
Art Direction by Johnny Nghiem
Colour by Conor Fisher
VFX by

Inspired by the artwork of Jeremy Olson –

Shot mostly on location in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Produced with the help of MuchFACT 2010

Thanks to:
Bill Byers & the York University Film Department
Leila Hebden
Melanie & Trevor at Paperbag
Ossia, Peterborough
Alexandra Byers


Born Ruffians – What to Say

Directed by Jared Raab
Cinematography by Peter Dreimanis
Produced by Josh Warburton

Working with artist/computer programmer Rob Bairos, the video was recorded entirely off of a vintage oscilloscope. Oscilloscopes are used for viewing voltages, primarily in the sciences, medicine, engineering, telecommunications and industry. Though other people have reprogrammed oscilloscopes to display images in the past, the “video to scope” process used in this video is the first of its kind. The images you see are made up of a single point of light, moving quickly across a screen in order to draw shapes – that means the entire Born Ruffians video for “What to Say” displays vector images made from only one continuous line. The footage was shot once on video, edited, converted for use on the oscilloscope (using a live visuals program called TouchDesigner) and then shot again directly off the vintage machine.

Special Thanks:
Warp Films
Leila Hebden

TouchDesigner is made by Derivative in Toronto, Canada.

The Making of Born Ruffians – What to Say from Jared Raab on Vimeo.


MATTERS – Get In Or Get Out

The D’Urbervilles are back with a new name and new single. This music video, one of the many I’ve made with Colin was originally going to be released as a series of small teasers but got reworked into a single music video to support the 7” release (available from Hypelighter). I shot it on a Bolex 16mm camera, borrowed from York University with B&W reversal stock. Extra points if you can name all the Toronto landmarks.

Directed by Jared Raab & Colin Medley

Starring Colin Smith

Art by Adam Medley
Thanks to:
Dale Harrison
Romy Lightman
The Residents of Parkdale, Toronto
The Tree Museum, Doe Lake Rd, Muskoka
Bill Byers at York University Dpt. of Film

B&W Film Processing by Exclusive Film & Video + Niagara Custom Lab