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MATTERS – Get In Or Get Out

The D’Urbervilles are back with a new name and new single. This music video, one of the many I’ve made with Colin was originally going to be released as a series of small teasers but got reworked into a single music video to support the 7” release (available from Hypelighter). I shot it on a Bolex 16mm camera, borrowed from York University with B&W reversal stock. Extra points if you can name all the Toronto landmarks.

Directed by Jared Raab & Colin Medley

Starring Colin Smith

Art by Adam Medley
Thanks to:
Dale Harrison
Romy Lightman
The Residents of Parkdale, Toronto
The Tree Museum, Doe Lake Rd, Muskoka
Bill Byers at York University Dpt. of Film

B&W Film Processing by Exclusive Film & Video + Niagara Custom Lab


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