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Marine Dreams – Sudden Dark Truths

Directed by Jared Raab and Colin Medley
Cinematography by Peter Dreimanis
Produced by Josh Warburton and Peter Dreimanis

Vulture Culture Films 2012

Colin and I wanted to experiment with a technique called 3D shift, after seeing the very cool video for “Doubtful Comforts” by Blue Roses. After being approached by Marine Dreams (Ian Kehoe formerly of Attack in Black) to make something simple and cheap we felt the song was a good fit. This whole video was shot in a few hours near Millbrook Ontario, with a tiny generator and mostly car headlights for lighting. Afterwards Evelyn Raab made a delicious stew and we drove back to Toronto.

Special Thanks:
Glen and Jerry at the Voyager Canoe Company for the truck
George, Evelyn and Dustin Raab for the help
Ian Todd for the generator
Nadia Tan & Maya Bankovic for the camera and feedback

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